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In keeping with its tradition, Gaggia Milano has adopted a strategy of constant innovation and product development.
All the technologies developed by the brand are designed to set new standards in the Horeca market, in order to guarantee the best ever coffee experience.


The ability to customize every aspect of a cup of coffee is fundamental if you are to meet the preferences of all your customers.
The high throughput volumetric pump for coffee infusion at 24V – and electronically controlled – lets you adjust both the coffee flow and the density of soluble drinks.


The core of Gaggia Milano mission from day one is the continuous research to develop state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver the perfect espresso.
La Reale is equipped with a system of independent coffee boilers giving high temperature stability and different temperatures for each group. 


If you’re asking for Gaggia Milano, you’re clearly looking for the best espresso ever. However, the search for improved in-cup quality is equally compelling. That’s why we’ve developed Z4000 (Inox version), a new coffee brewing unit that is equipped with an advanced infusion chamber made up of stainless steel designed to maintain the temperature. It doesn’t matter if the machine hasn’t been working for a while: your espresso will still be perfect. You can have it all without sacrificing compactness, simplicity or low maintenance costs.


Thanks to Dynamic Flow Control, specifically for
La Reale, users can create different flow rate profiles for coffee extraction and, as a result, obtain a variety of tastes from the same blend. In fact, DFC can positively affect all extraction variables, namely colour, body, acidity and bitterness.

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Lavazza Drip Coffee Deal 0

Great Deal on Lavazza Drip Coffee.

A range of special coffee blends ideal for filtered coffee brewers, stemming from the Lavazza family’s passion for quality and innovation.

Total displayer cost $96 including 24 packs x 12 oz at $4 each pack


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Just in time for Easter, Introducing The authentic taste and flavors of the finest italian biscotti now available at Alfa Food Service and 0

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The Fiamma Quadrant espresso machine is our latest, performance and great price. 0

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