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Gaggia La Reale

Product Description

La Reale is a premium espresso machine that combines cutting-edge technology with an elegant and sophisticated Italian design that takes us back in time to the 1950s.

Designed with the barista in mind, it is equipped with cutting-edge technology to optimise all its features.

Individual display for each group

  • Working area with LED lighting

  • Warm 2 Touch steam wands

  • Ergonomic filter holders and hot water dispenser with programmable volume and temperature

  • 3.5” displays to control the programming, the configuration of different coffee doses, and the temperature and pressure during extraction, with the possibility to program 4 different drink selections on each group.

  • Flush button to rinse the group before each extraction

  • Dynamic Flow Control to set different pressure flow profiles during coffee extraction, making it possible to adjust the coffee on a cup-by-cup basis, getting the colour, body, acidity and sweetness and any possible flavour profile when using a single blend.


    Width: 883 mm
    Depth: 702 mm
    Height: 556 mm
    Weight: 98 kg
    Coffee boiler - capacity: 0,8 lt
    Steam boiler capacity: 11 lt
    Voltage: 380-415 V
    Maximum absorbed power: 8500 W
    Power per group: 1400 W
    Steam boiler power: 4900 W

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