Ionia Coffee

The Ionia Gran Crema embodies the essence of a classic Italian coffee blend, featuring a harmonious mix of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta coffee beans. This best-selling blend from the Ionia roasting company stands out for its uniform roasting, boasting a medium roast profile.

The fusion of Arabica and Robusta imparts a rich and enduring southern aroma to this invigorating coffee, accompanied by a delightful spiciness. The Ionia Gran Crema offers a robust body with well-rounded malty notes, delivering a full-bodied and satisfyingly dense flavor.


The crema is a standout feature, characterized by its pleasing density and deeper hue, with subtle chocolate undertones attributed to the elevated Robusta content in the Ionia Gran Crema. This Italian espresso is a perfect choice for aficionados who appreciate a luxuriously beautiful crema.


Whether brewed with a portafilter machine or effortlessly prepared with the touch of a button using your fully automatic coffee machine, the Ionia Gran Crema adapts seamlessly. Its versatility shines, making it an excellent companion for various coffee drinks with milk, such as cappuccinos or latte macchiatos.


✓ Aroma: 4

✓ Persistence 4

✓ Body: 5

✓ Sweetness:4