Asterm G120S


GAS OVENS FOR PIZZAS (series G) The ovens of this series are of domical type...

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GAS OVENS FOR PIZZAS (series G) The ovens of this series are of domical type and are assigned for baking of pizzas. They are made of vibrated refraction material with high percent of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), which guarantees high wearing-out resistance and sturdiness.
Heating up is cyclometric and is done by ecological burner, which works with methane or propane-butane and a recirculating fan. The fan maintains optimum temperature of the oven floor and prevents it from getting cold even at very intensive work. The return of a part of the burnt gases /thermal cycle/ realize an economy of energy. Controlling of baking temperature of the floor and dome is independent and is made by a digital controller. The power of the burner can be changed by an electronic modulator in the range of 5 to 100 per cents.
Electrical supply - 230 Volt/50-60 Hertz.

All elements are placed in a metal case which allows the oven to be easily moved.
The oven is manufactured in four sizes


Number of pizzas 30 cm: 7

Productivity per hour: 105

Gas consumption:  -methane gas mc / h 3.3

GPL gas kg / h: 1.9

Weight: 1400 kg

Gas pressure: 
G30-31 37mbar
G20 20mbar

Gas nozzle: 3 / 4 “

Thermal power kw: 26

Electrical supply: 230 V/50-60 Hz

Fuel type: Gas

Type: Static

Please note: Dimensions are shown in cm




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