Bottene PM 80

Product Description

PM 80 is a simple to use and effective fresh pasta extruder.

With this professional pasta making machine you're able to dose ingredients ad lib and produce various types of fresh pasta, even a colored one: you just have to add tomatoes, spinach, cocoa, eggs or other preferred components to the dough. PM 80 allows you to get a very high quality of fresh pasta at the same cost of the normal dry pasta.

Being serious and passionate pasta machine manufacturer we've made PM 80 of highest quality materials, complying with all safety standards CE . For an easy cleaning we have also designed this pasta extruder with removable auger and mixer.

Each professional pasta making machine comes complete with 4 standard dies, cutter system for short pasta and stand with fan.

Accessories: many types of dies are available for PM 80 fresh pasta extruder

Technical data

Mixer capacity: Kg 5

Pasta output: Kg/h 15-17

Dimensions: cm 50 x 70 x 127h

Weight: Kg 130

Motor: kW 1.1