Digirosto Pro 2500

Product Description


Capacity: 2.5 kg (Maximum Weight of Green Beans)
Throughput: about 10~15 minutes
Size: 460(w)x1200(h)x1050(d)
Weight: 110 kg
Voltage: 220V, 50~60Hz 3-Phases Power Supply
Power Consumption: 5.4kw


2.5kg Digital Coffee Roaster *
1. Anyone can roast Gourmet Coffee without Skill and    Experience
2. Antique Style Design
3. Smoke-free and Odor-less Operations.
   (Built-in smoke eliminator and air purifier)
4. Various green beans are roasted superbly through    easy roasting profile programming.
5. 20 Roasting Programs Setting Available.
6. The real time roasting temperature graph can be    simultaneously checked using one’s own computer    (Built-in Bluetooth).
7. Roasting data is saved in the computer, and a daily    roasting report is provided, and the number and    volume of roasting by species are reported.
8. Body and Bitter taste can be adjustable in Programs.