Gaggia G6

Product Description
  • Hot water temperature for teas can be regulated to between 85 and 98º.
  • Automatic renewal of boiler water by simply pressing a button.
  • Programmable hot water dispenser.
  • Two-sections top tray to allow access to the group area.
  • Tray lifting system to ease maintenance procedures without the need to remove cups.
  • Tempered glass control panel with glass-lined serigraphy, fully integrated in the machine’s front panel, enabling easy cleaning and guaranteeing a long working life.
  • New Easy Latté® quick opening tap for the perfect emulsion of milk for cappuccinos and lattés.

DIMENSIONS 2 Group (CM) L x W x H: 83x57x46
Weight (kg) 72
Boiler Capacity (L): 

DIMENSIONS 3 Group (CM) L x W x H: 100x57x46
Weight (kg) 86
Boiler Capacity (L): 18

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