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Gruppo Izzo Nuova Pompei Commercial Espresso Machine 2 Group

Product Description

Imbued with Italian tradition the 'Leva Commercial Espresso Machine' uses the traditional lever group that has been used for generations in Naples. The lever group has been improved upon by the designers and engineers at IZZO and they have made their own high quality version of this traditional design. The group alone weighing eighteen kilograms (18 Kg) and ensures thermal stability while it delivers consistent and delicious coffee. Using a heavy gauge spring that is compressed by a lever the 'Leva Espresso Machine' provides a strong pressure at the beginning of the extraction that eventually lessens as the extraction finishes.

This pressure profile works perfectly to extract the desirable compounds at the beginning of the extraction while leaving behind the less desirable bitter compounds that are found later into the extraction. The end result is that the espresso is sweeter, properly extracted, it has more body, mouth-feel and depth than what you could achieve on any other type of espresso machine. The Lever machine because of it's mechanical design is a very reliable machine requiring much less maintenance and repairs than a more modern espresso machine.

Boiler Capacity 12L 
Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power consumption 3200W