Ma-Ga Automatic slicers - model A912 – Alfa Food Service

Ma-Ga Automatic slicers - model A912

Product Description

- Equipped in slicers deposition module, which, together with a team of sensors allows you to:
* deposition in a pile of cut slices
* a continuous measurement of stack height
* automatically stop the machine in case of exceeded the stack height
- feed drive design is based on modern, reliable stepping motor
- equipped with an electronic counter sliced slices features:
* counting slices
* after the completion of a predetermined amount slicer slices off automatically
* the maximum number of selected slices: 999
- intended for use in hypermarkets,
supermarkets, large stores, catering,
foodservice and catering establishments
- easy to use
- constructed based on the latest technical solutions
- is a precision machine that allows slicing product slices of different thickness
- slices size 1 - 6 mm
- table fitted with a pusher ensuring the stability of the position of cut product
- made of stainless steel with high smoothnes
- inclined blade Ø 300 mm
- ideal ends of feeding table knife 45O
- built-in sharpener of most modern solution in the field of construction and materials