Ma-Ga Semi-automatic slicers - model S2-712T

Product Description

- designed using the latest technology
- intended for use in large stores, supermarkets,catering,gastronomy and
   catering establishments
- ideal for slicing cold cuts and meat without bones
- modes automatic and manual 
- maximum easy to use
- possibility of regulation the speed ad move length of the table by the control panel
- turning off the machine if it detects the absence of material to be cut
- the performance from 30 to 60 slices per hour
- made of stainless steel materials with a high gloss
- angled blade Ø 300 mm
- ideal feeding table tilt 45 degrees to the blade
- table with pusher mechanism to ensure the stability of the position of cut product
- slice thickness 0-28mm
- built-in sharpener of most modern solution according construction and material
- knife, knife cover and gauge plate are teflon coated