OEM Electric Oven Model ENERGY 635L/3


ENERGY is a range of ovens ideal to bake pizzas of 35 cm (13“) diameter, as...

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ENERGY is a range of ovens ideal to bake pizzas of 35 cm (13“) diameter, as the size of the baking surface is developed according to multiples of 35 cm.  The single chambers are stackable up to three units and independent regarding the controls and the power supply. There are 4 possible inside dimensions: 75x73, 75x108, 113x73, 113x108 cm,  with a capacity from 4 to 9 pizzas, 35 cm diam. (for each chamber).

High baking performances - The maintenance is carried out totally from the front, there is no need to mess the premises up • Integrated intake module, in every baking chamber, so to expel the baking fumes in the best possible way • Double chimney setting option: automatic and manual with servo-actuated control • Removable crumbs collector underneath the door • 6 separated baking zones (three upper ones and three lower ones) to grant the product’s excellent baking • The frame is entirely in S/S (it help the baking and the browning of the product) • Easy and intuitive electronic board • Microprocessor to optimize the energy consumption. The oven uses only the energy it needs, where it is needed, gaining power rational use and energy saving • SD card to store the oven’s events • Self-cleaning function • Auto switch-on system (twice a day with 3 different baking programmes) • Both sides of the oven are lighted, granting a total visibility inside the baking chamber • Panoramic glass along the whole door • Door with double glass (ceramic reflecting glass inside, temperate glass outside) • Latent heat recovery under the baking surface so to get a fast and uniform baking • High thickness refractory baking surface, granting excellent heat retention • Complete range to meet every need • Max. temperature 400°C. Every oven can be equipped with a fumes exit kit and it can also be completed with stand, neutral or heated chamber (their height can be regulated through a set of adjustable rises) supplied with wheels.

DIGITAL CONTROLS.  Easy and intuitive onboard computer: • Musical signals to draw your attention • In every moment the operating temperature appears on a wide display of high visibility • With a simple and intuitive interface, you can create your cooking parameters by simply pressing a few buttons! • Auto-ignition features (2 per day, every day of the week), choose the most suitable ones for you to plan your work and save energy! • The oven always carries out the automatic selfcleaning function at 400 °C. Eventually it turns itself off • Three preset programs, but you can change them at any time • SD Card to store events, monitor the oven’s life and update the software • Menu button to have access to every feature.

Complete three decks oven - Digital controls
Code OMOPTY2.0635LE x 3
Inside dimensions cm L x P x H 113 x 73 x 15
Outside dimensions cm L x P x H 146 x 108 x 117
Kw/h - Kw/max - Volt 26,4 / 400~3N
Weight Net/Gross Kg 597 / 690


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