OEM Electric Oven Model OPTYMO CONCEPT CEMENT 435/3 – Alfa Food Service

OEM Electric Oven Model OPTYMO CONCEPT CEMENT 435/3

Product Description

High backing performances - the maintenance is carried out totally from the front, for every operation there is no need to mess the premises up • Integrated intake module, in every backing chamber, so to expel the backing fumes in the best possible way • Double chimney setting option: automatic and manual with servo-actuated control • Removable crumbs collector underneath the door • 6 separated backing zones (three upper ones and three lower ones) to grant the product’s excellent backing • The frame is entirely in S/S (it help the backing and the browning of the product) • Easy and intuitive electronic board • Microprocessor to optimize the energy consumption.

The oven uses only the energy it needs, where it is needed, gaining power rational use and energy saving • SD card to store the oven’s events • Self cleaning function • Auto switch-on system (twice a day with 3 different baking programmes) • Both sides of the oven are lighted, granting a total visibility inside the backing chamber • Panoramic glass along the whole door • Door with double glass (ceramic reflecting glass inside, temperate glass outside) • Latent heat recovery under the backing surface so to get a fast and uniform backing • High thickness refractory backing surface, granting excellent heat retention • Complete range to meet every need • Max. temperature 400°.

Complete three decks oven - Digital controls
Inside dimensions
cm L x P x H
75 x 73 x 15
Outside dimensions
cm L x P x H
110 x 108 x 117
Kw/h - Kw/max - Volt 14,7 / 400~3N
Weight Net/Gross Kg 483 / 543


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