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OEM Halios Electric Oven

Product Description

Electric oven with rotating baking surface (ø 104). Single deck, simple to use, precise and flexible on baking, it is suitable for medium productions, suitable for baking about 70 pizzas/hour with 33 cm in diameter. Exclusive design, Helios is also designed for the wise use of the space! It can be placed frontally (recessed) adapting itself to the interior, thanks to the ceramic front, removable and customizable with a wide choice of colours. The shape also makes it ideal for angular positioning, or as a central island, according to the type of interior design.


Front side in refractory and ceramic material (enameled in a wide selection of colours - on demand!) • The backing chamber structure (with a prism section shape) is ideal to grant optimal distribution and maximization of the heat output • Chamber interior side coating in refractory material • Temperate glass holding shelf • Rotating baking surface in refractory stone • Door opening upward • Speed regulation and possibility to reverse the rotation sense • Independent regulation of upper and bottom elements • Chimney regulation knob • Complete interior lighting of the backing chamber. Every oven can be completed with stand, neutral or heated chamber (their height can be regulated through a set of adjustable rises) supplied with wheels.
Electric oven with rotating baking surface (ø 104)
Code OM07605.

Inside dimensions
cm L x P x H 118 x 115 x 25
Outside dimensions
cm L x P x H 147,5 x 170,7 x 81
Kw/h - Kw/max - Volt 9 - 16,7 - 400 3N 50
Max. temp. °C 450
Weight Net/Gross Kg 450/500