OEM Voltaire Single Chamber Gas Oven


Company "Practice" is a series of unique static single-chamber gas furnaces Voltaire from the renowned...

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Company "Practice" is a series of unique static single-chamber gas furnaces Voltaire from the renowned Italian manufacturer of the OEM SpA , one of the leaders in the field of equipment for pizzerias supplies.

Our customers are very familiar with a variety of series of conveyor and hearth furnaces OEM-ALI, which are of the highest quality and reliability.

A series of the Voltaire - it's oven with unique consumer features to be installed in the dining room. OEM offers a number of flexible solutions to oven Voltaire not only harmoniously fit into the interior of the restaurant or pizzeria, but also would have been the pride and the main decoration of places.

The fuel for the furnace can be used Voltaire Network low pressure gas or liquefied propane-butane mixture. Baking results are not worse than the classic pizza oven with wood burning heating.

advantages :

simple operation;
no risk of burning;
simple borrowing furnace in a pure state;
exception problem of excessive moisture in the final product;
absolutely uniform baking obtained even at 100% load without requiring additional manipulation of the pizza in a cell.

Technical and functional features :

innovative upper burner with infrared spectrum ensures the ideal temperature in the chamber;
Adjustable lower burner allows optimal distribution of heat fluxes between the hearth and the top of the camera;
under the camera is made of solid refractory stone, thickness and heat capacity which allow to bake pizza directly on the hearth. When compared with furnaces having a similar size (130h113 cm), Voltaire ensures better performance, no problems with temperature reduction after loading, the emission of soot particles;
separately adjustable upper and lower burners allow pizzaiolo redistribute heat fluxes falling on the product just as well as in professional electric furnaces;
Two variants of furnaces location: freestanding and built;
maintenance of all components of the furnace, even in the case of complex repairs carried out from the front, which allows no compromises when choosing the place of installation;
assembly and installation of the furnace is specially optimized for installation and very simple.

When ordering options for embedding Voltaire delivered without unnecessary trims. This allows you to decorate the front of the furnace in full accordance with the interior design and fit perfectly into any restaurant design context.

Voltaire is available in four variants body (Classico, Pompei, Ravenna and Ravenna Mosaico), different form of the front panel and the possibility of varying the colors / or finishing materials.


Inside dimensions
cm L x P x H 130 x 113 x 18
Outside dimensions
cm L x P x H 160,5 x 157 x 78,5
KW/max Volt 21-35 - 220/240
Max. temp. C 450
Weight Net/Gross Kg


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