Omas A 31E gravity Slicer – Alfa Food Service

Omas A 31E gravity Slicer

Product Description

Gravity feed slicer, inextensible poly-V belt driven transmission, with an exceptionally wide and free slice receiving tray to allow large and hard products to be sliced without bending or breaking.
High precision slice thickness index knob that accurately slices product up to 14mm thick. A31E excellent for bread slicing, if equipped with opt. 6, to allow slicing up to 25 mm thickness, and opt. 29 toothed blade.
Manufactured according to EN1974 standars.
- Cleaning: removable blade cover and slice deflector, tiltable carriage plate
- Sharpener: Built in sharpening device provides accurate and speedy sharpening of blade. Sharpening device automatically moves part of blade guard out of   the way while sharpening. No chance of an accident.
- Safety devices: to prevent use of slicer until all guards are correctly and firmly in place, fixed blade guard, movable protection on sharpener and blade,          safety device that allows to tilt the product table only if the slice thickness control is positioned onto 0
- Use: delicatessen shops, bars, restaurants, catering companies, industrial catering sector kitchens

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