Omas L 37S vertical Slicer

Product Description

This vertical slicer built with experience and passion offers renewed look and design thanks to the SUPERGLIDE® treatment on gauge plate and blade cover.
The L35S model has been studied for ensuring precise slicing for a long time.
The machine’s curvy style creates large space for cleaning, the laser cut Stainless Steel product plate and the meat grip, both removable, add to the slicer’s superior quality.

Three important innovations:

- index knob allowing PROGRESSIVE millimeter-length adjustment. From 0 to 3 mm, when precision matters, the opening is adjustable in hundredths of millimeters. From 3 to 14 mm, when speed of adjustment matters, the opening is adjustable, as usual, in millimiters.

- narrow band blade. Only the narrow band comes in touch with the food stuff to reduce friction and make the cut smoother and more uniform even with with large and semi-soft products, such as bologna.

- SUPERGLIDE® treatment for gauge plate and blade cover: maximum reduction of plate and product contact. This is an exclusive Omas project: the innovative profile, with straight, parallel, regular and deeper grooves, reduces friction and product dragging and is obtained through a precise machine work to guarantee a perfect, uniform and smooth cut.

L37S is particular for its tray: wide, rounded and unmistakable!

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