Omas S 37 flywheel Slicer

Product Description

The stylish line of the OMAS red flywheel slicer is the result of the transformation of the traditional flywheel slicer designed in the OMAS factories during the 50's into a new modern and safe slicer.

Ideal for ham cutting thanks to the dimensions of the plate, to the super precise slice-thickness knob, to the twin-support arm pusher that holds the product steady and allows the cutting of unvaried slices.

Easy to use: the smoothness of carriage movement and flywheel rotation, besides the mechanical feed of the product holder make the work for the operator really light.

Easy to operate and clean: every part of the machine in contact with food is easily removable (slice deflector and product holder), the built-in sharpener makes the sharpening easier because runs automatically grinding and honing in the same time, the blade protection ring and the front safety protector to cover the sharp edge of the blade complete the safety equipment of the slicer.


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