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Omas S 9M flywheel Slicer

Product Description

Ideal to cut the finest hams and salami: high cutting precision and slightest slices than ever.

The precise slice-thickness knob (0 – 4 mm) assures very thin slices, for the enjoyment of the taste of special products and to obtain the most, in terms of quality and quantity, from the best hams and salami. The extra-large, tempered and chromium-plated blade, 370 mm diameter, guarantees a perfect cut without waste, essential if you are processing fine products. The pusher, a twin-support arm, prevents the displacement of the product on the plate, so that all slices are perfectly cut. Ideal for big and irregular products.


Light work for the operator thanks to the smoothness of carriage movement and flywheel rotation, thanks to the multifunction keypad for selecting the slice thickness to hundredths of a millimetre, besides the automatic forward movement of the product holder towards the blade there is simoultaneous movement of the product holder away from the blade during the return stroke to avoid contact aganist blade and gauge plate.

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