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Pizzaboy® PB-T 102102

Product Description

PIZZABOY® PB-T 102102 9(Ø33cm) Pizza Oven (with Thermometer)

*Capacity: 9 (Ø:33)

*External Sizes: 128x111x44cm
*Internal Sizes:102x102x15cm
*Total Power: 12 Kw
*Operating temperature: 50-500°C

*Possibility of baking at high capacity and at standard quality 

*Front face is completely made of stainless steel, body is oven painted 

*Perfect thermal insulation with 6 cm thick rockwool 

*20 mm thick refractory stone

*380 V triphase electricity system

*Heat control between 50 - 500°C by help of EGO brand thermostat  

*Internal lighting 

*Wide glass window on front door 

*Strong spring mechanism for front doors ( preventing the sudden falling of the gate when opening or by accident ) 

*Silent working 

Ergonomic design for easy baking and cleaning