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Pizzaboy® PB-T 1500

Product Description

PİZZABOY® 4(Ø25 cm) Pizza Oven (with Thermometer)

PİZZABOY® 4(Ø25 cm) Pizza Oven (with Thermometer and Glass Door) [PB-T 1500]

• Capacity : 4(Ø:25) 
• External Sizes : 77x62x36 cm
• Internal Sizes : 51x51x14 cm
• Total Power : 4Kw
• Operating temperature : 50-500°C
• Electricity : 220/380V


•Produced of special materials with high heat insulating mineral and metal combination for energy saving and best baking, 
•Baking area covered with refractory stone. 
•Ventilation ducts for the evacuation of baking steam. 
•All of the heated surfaces insulated with intensive rockwool. 
•Resistances made of first quality stainless steel.
• Heat control between 50 - 500°C by help of EGO brand thermostat.  
•220V monophase or 380V triphase option
•Ergonomic design for easy baking and cleaning.