Rinnova Electric Pizza Oven E652D

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Electronic control allows you to control all phases of baking proses for different kind of...

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Electronic control allows you to control all phases of baking proses for different kind of foods.

40 different baking program saving capacity. You can adjust ideal baking time and oven temperature easily and save to any program number between P01 (Program 01) to P40 (Program 40) and call saved program from memory any time you want.

Electronic control allows you to control temperature of oven chamber and baking surface (Stone) individually with the accuracy of 3°C.

The accuracy of 3°C is very important when you have to leave the oven door open for a long time especially when you bake several pizzas in short time in a row. Under this circumstance, heating resistances start heating as soon as the heat loss of the oven is 3°C and brings the oven heat quickly, up to your pre-set heat level.

Foods could be baked equally at every part of oven as a result of homogeneous heat transfer all around the oven chamber owing to oven's interior special design and Heat Blocking system. When oven door open, Heat Blocking system prevents most of the sudden heat burst out through oven door and force them back to inside of oven chamber.

Door glass of oven is specially designed to allow user to see inside of oven chamber easily. It also reduces heat loss at maximum degree by not conveying the heat.

Electronic control allows user to turn on the oven automatically at desired time and make it ready for cooking by heating it up to pre-set heat level.

Insulation of oven was made with 100mm. High density Rock wool by covering all around the oven chamber. Due to good insulation, oven heats up quickly and cool down slowly.

Exhaust system for baking steam is exist.

Oven light is heat resistant up to 500°C and bulb could be replaced easily through oven chamber.


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