Vema Panini PF 2064 Oven/Grill

Product Description

Double Ceramic Grills with two covers (PV 2064) or with only half cover (PVF 2066), smooth or ribbed hotplates are available at choice. Ideal to cook toasts, panini, pizza and all other foodstuffs which will remain crisp outside and soft inside.

The PVF 2066 can be use also as fry-top. Smooth or ribbed hotplates are available. Ideal to cook toasts, panini, pizza and all other foodstuffs which will remain crisp outside and soft inside. Ceramic warms up in a very few minutes, doesn’t absorb the food taste and doesn’t produce combustion waste.
The steel heating elements, which retain their heat for a long time, after the machine has been switched off, are durable, efficient and save 30% of electricity.


Double Ceramic Grills with two covers (PV 2064) or only half cover (PVF 2066) Entirely made in insulated stainles steel Smooth or ribbed ceramic hotplates at choice cm. 53x25 big hotplates cm 25x25 small hotplates 2 push button for switching on half part 230V ~ 50/60Hz 2400W max 230V ~ 50/60Hz 2500W max (PV 2064) 230V ~ 50/60Hz 1900W max (PVF 2066) Overall size cm. 59x42x56h max Weight kg.22 (PV 2064) kg.16 (PVF 2066)